Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a Wee Post Between Posts

Since the Rocky Horror gala, I haven't been going crazy cooking. Sometimes, with work and all, I need to take a break. Well, I guess it's mainly due to lack of money and the crazy amount of bucks organic and fresh produce costs. In any case, I still had an itchin' to do some home-cookin' that wasn't too time consuming or pocket-emptying.

Saturday night I made my first-ever pesto sauce. I wasn't too sure I would like it, as I had only had pesto once before. I thought the flavour was too strong at the time. But I have this goal where I have to make everything at least once (within my ethics, of course), so out came the fresh basil and parsely!


It may look like green goup, but this pesto sauce was incredibly delicious! I guess that's what happens when something calls for three cloves of garlic (did I ever mention I LOVE garlic?)! The recipe said it yielded 4-6 servings and at first I just couldn't believe it. The pesto filled up a little bowl and no more, no matter how much I scraped at the processor. Well, let's just say I had no idea how very little pesto sauce needs to be spread on one bowl of pasta! The flavour was pretty intense. I actually woke up the next morning with the taste of garlic overwhelming my mouth. It's not very pleasant aftermath, but it was worth it for an amazing and simple dinner.

As a matter of fact, Mike later told me that he woke up in the middle of the night with such a strong flavour of garlic in his mouth that 'forced' him to go down to the kitchen and have a spoonful of ice cream to get the taste off his tongue!

So, yes. I advise just a little dollop of pesto per bowl unless you are man enough and can take the power of garlic! At the very least, garlic is extremely healthy for you- it wards off germs that may plague the immune system AND it wards off vampires. ;)

For Sunday dinner, I whipped up a batch of 'Mocked Clam Chowdah'. I admit, I've never tasted clam chowder a day in my life. Besides the clam part, it always looked so appetizing to me. It's so creamy and smoothe. So luckily I've found a recipe in one of my veggie cook books that makes a pretty damn-good replacement.


It's a lot chunkier than your average chowder, but that was probably my fault because I couldn't bare to puree anymore of the soup. I love chunky potatoes! It didn't matter, though. It was delicious. It contained onions, potatoes, thyme, salt, pepper, carrots, celery and sauteed tofu with tamari sauce and kelp powder all topped with Frontier vegan Bac'uns (bacon-less bacon bits!)!!

The Bac'uns are awesome, by the way. This whole weekend I've been dumping them on just about everything I ate. Buy them. Now. Seriously.

Lastly, I've really been getting into fresh juice. As a matter of fact, my juicer was supposed to come in the mail on Friday. But the stupid company that sent it decided they want me to be there to sign for it directly and I have to have my i.d. proving that I am an adult. I find that irking, purely based on principle: What if I was under 21? In any case, I haven't been home, so I'm going to end up having to drive half an hour to get it on Saturday. So aggravating!

But! When I do get it, I will be quite a happy camper. :)

In the meantime, I've been using my food processor and pre-packaged juices (organic) to tide me over.

First, I present, Apricot Orange Juice.


This had to have been the most delicious juice I've had in a long while! The Apricot Nectar was purchased in the container, but the oranges were freshly squeezed and it really made a difference. The powerful burst of citrus was amazing. I felt like I was drinking liquid candy. I couldn't get enough!

Next, I made a juice called 'Adam's Rib'. Kinda freaky name. But I dig it.


It contained soy milk, apple juice and ten fresh strawberries. At first I thought it was going to be a lot like strawberry milk, but it ended up tasting like strawberry juice. It wasn't a huge disappointment, though. I felt a little healthier about drinking it.

And what's more important than drinking a good cup of health, eh?


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay for garlic lovers! Garlic is seriously amazing stuff.

And even though I never liked clam chowder, yours actually looks really good.

Hopefully you can get that juicer soon!

mike said...

"As a matter of fact, Mike later told me that he woke up in the middle of the night with such a strong flavour of garlic in his mouth that 'forced' him to go down to the kitchen and have a spoonful of ice cream to get the taste off his tongue!"

I can't believe you told on me!!!

The pesto WAS great though. I love garlic as much as you do. And the chowder was AWESOME!!!

I wish I had more now!


Theresa said...

Yum to both pesto and garlic. I like playing around with different leaves and nuts--cilantro pesto with almonds is really good, as is spinach pesto. If you've ever got greens that are on their last leg, I think pesto is a good way to use them up.

Amy said...

Those juices look enticing. I always feel a rush of well-being after I drink a nice natural juice or smoothie too.

Anonymous said...

Mmm!! Mock Clam Chowdah! It looks good although I've never had the original anyway, so I'd definitely try yours!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

That close-up on the pesto looks absolutely gorgeous! I love garlic too, and I kinda forgot that pesto existed until I read your post. I want some!!!

I've never had clam chowder either, but your vegan version looks delicious in the photo and makes me quite curious.

If you like apricot nectar, I bet you'd like mango nectar too! It would probably make a heavenly smoothie with oranges and bananas. Mmmm. All your fruity goodness is making me crave some juuuice!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Jeez, even when you aren't cooking much it seems like you've got a TON to post about!

Your post is making me want some pesto bad. I always have to make sure both me and my hubby eat it because of the whole garlic breath thing!

Kang Doy's Bloggy Blog Blog Blog said...

I love clam chowder and I would like to try your version of it someday.

Don't forget that you're gonna make me a cup of that apricot nectar orange juice before practice tomorrow night!!!

You should also make me a cup of that Adams Rib. Since it contains soy milk, which you got upset because I wouldn't try it that one time at Kate's house lol.

Sound good? :-)

Hannah said...

Hm, mock clam chowder? Hadn't even thought that, but it sure looks good! I have to admit, Bac'uns still do scare me a bit, but perhaps I'll give them another shot.

VeggieGirl said...

I've only had vegan pesto ONCE in my life - I never had it before then! I highly recommend the Walnut-Basil Pesto from "Vive Le Vegan" - it's incredible!!

mock clam chowder - that is BRILLIANT!! I must try that, since I used to eat clam chowder many years ago (before my herbivore days, obviously, haha).

Adam's Rib? Freaky, indeed, haha. But at least the juice LOOKS good! :0D

Jennifer said...

I've never made my own pest either. I really like pesto too, but for some reason I am a bit intimidated with working with fresh spices. They usually wilt and go bad the second I look at them!

Your pesto looks fantastic! (and I'm a huge fan of garlic myself)

Your chunky chowder looks fabulous, I lovre big hunks of potatoes myself. Why ruin it by pulverizing it?

All that juice sounds great too, nice blog!

vegetalion said...

I can't believe the number of people in this world who have never had clam chowder! I used to love it... but haven't had it in years, obviously. You definitely make it look worth veganizing!

Liz² said...

I used to love clam chowder! not that I'd ever had the real kind, but the kind in the can - SO good. So wow, yours looks delicious! I want to try making this myself sometime!

you're also kind of sort of making me wish I had a juicer, and that says something cause I'm not really a juice person, even. It just looks really fun when you do it. :P

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I had a really good tempeh stir-fry at Whole Foods with cashews, broccoli, tempeh, and teriyaki sauce. It was really good, so maybe if you made your that you'd like tempeh! Some people don't like the bitterness and have to steam it first, but I even love eating the little tempeh crumblies straight out of the package!

Katie's sweet potato recipe is listed in her side bar as "Sweet Potato Burritos." But I used crispy tacos instead of tortillas, hence my re-naming of her meal.

Rural Vegan said...

I think I may actually be addicted to garlic. No matter how much a recipe calls for, I double it. Just can't get enough. Extra vampire protection?

Your chowdah looks incredible, I love big chunks of potatoes too and always spare more veggies than I'm supposed to from pureeing. As usual, I am in awe of your photography too!

Leng said...

That pesto looks PERFECT! I love pesto and garlic! You didn't mention if you used any vegan cheese. Did you just omit it?

That must have been some pretty super potent garlic you were using. lol.

Clam chowder was one of my favorite foods when I was a meat eater. I used to live in San Francisco, and the fisherman's warf on pier 39 served one of the best clam chowders! I would love to try a vegan version.

have you tried mixing pineapple and an orange? REally good!

Mihl said...

I hear your on too much work and not much money. In my opinion pesto and pasta is the best food for such times :)
Your last post about the Rocky Horror show was absolutely hilarious! I remember when some school friends and me used to watch the movie every New Year's eve. Yeah, old times. And we made food, too.
I loved how you introduced all the characters and the food you made. Brilliant.

vko said...

Okay my dear, you must tell me where you found that mock clam chower recipe? It looks amazing and I used to love love love me some clam chowder back in the day...

missblueberry said...

Hey! Great blog.
Do you know who does a wonderful juice book?? Fresh: Juice for Life. They are located in Toronto, but I am positive you can get their book anywhere you want it sent. They are amazing. The combos are out of this world.

Nice photos!

textual bulldog said...

Like VKO, I want to know which vegan cookbook contained the recipe for mock clam chowder! Do tell! :) Everything looks fantastic, and good luck with your juicer!

textual bulldog said...

Oh, wait, is the Mocked Clam Chowder from La Dolce Vegan? I remember noticing such a recipe there many moons ago, but I wasn't super tempted because I never had real clam chowder so didn't know what I was missing. Your picture looks incredible, though, so I will have to check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

textual bulldog said...

yay, i made the mocked clam chowder. it was so good! thanks for posting about it!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I haven't made pesto yet, but it sounds like I should! I love garlic as well.

Greg said...

Okay, where's the clam chowder recipe. I'm interested now....

Stella said...

Pesto is so awesome.

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